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You may instinctively buy safety locks for your home because you want to keep your family and belongings safe. But you must be just as keen about purchasing a commercial door lock to keep your business and property safe. There are many types of business door locks from which to choose. They differ from typical home locks in that they are much more heavy-duty.

A professional locksmith can advise you on the types of commercial locks on the market.

The best choice for your business is based on your budget and your security needs. Below are five standard locks for your business to ensure you and your employees’ safety.

Mortise Locks

One of the most common locks to buy for your commercial door is the mortise lock. You may typically see such locks on hospital, school, and office doors. This lock is solid and works best if paired with a strong door that burglars can’t easily kick in, such as aluminum or steel doors.

These strong, reliable locks can withstand much usage, and they are difficult for a burglar to try to pick. Mortise locks have been around for a while and reasonably so because they are exceptionally reliable and are an excellent choice for your business door locks.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

The cylindrical lever lock is another standard lock for commercial door locks. You can use these locks for interior and exterior doors. These locks are much less expensive than mortise locks and require less time to install.

Mortise locks are more secure than cylindrical locks. However, the good thing about cylindrical locks is that they have a much more sleek design. Also, if you want to make them more secure, you can get a Grade 1 cylindrical lock that can withstand high traffic levels. Another way to make these commercial door locks more secure is to use them with a deadbolt lock.

Keypad Door Locks

Another popular commercial lock is the keypad lock. These commercial locks may have a numbered keypad that allows you to put in a combination to open doors. Or it may have buttons with no numbers, and you these push buttons in a sequence to gain entry.

The great thing about keypad door locks is that you don’t have to worry about employees losing keys. They must remember passcodes to enter. This lock is also hard for burglars to try to break.
Keypad locks do have a few drawbacks. Forgetting the code can be problematic. However, this nuance may be able to be reset by a locksmith. Another issue is that your locks may not work if there is a power failure in the area.

Crash Bar Door Locks

Crash bar doors, also known as panic bar doors, are commercial doors that you would typically see at schools, restaurants, theaters, and emergency exits. Most of the time, these doors remain locked. However, you can open them from the inside by pushing the bar on the door to exit. If these bars are on an emergency door, it will trigger an alarm. The locks attached to the push bar can be keypad or cylindrical.

The great thing about crash bar doors is that these doors allow people to exit quickly in the event of a crisis. Although these are great for security, especially in a high traffic building, there are many building codes and regulations that you must abide by if you install these doors and locks.

Electric Strike Locks

This type of lock is remarkably like keypad locks. Opening it is triggered by entering the right set of credentials. This usually is a correct passcode, badge, or some other type of biometric such as a fingerprint. Once the proper credentials are entered, the door is unlocked, and you can enter. This is a great lock if you want a secure lock for your commercial business. Unfortunately, just like with keypad locks, this type of lock may not work properly during a power outage.

There are several commercial locks to choose from, some of which require keys and others that don’t. To determine what lock is best for your commercial building, you will have to consider what works best for the size and type of business you operate.

If you run a business with numerous people exiting and entering throughout the day and there are high-risk hazards on the premises, such as fires or chemical spills, it may be best to install crash bar door locks. For added security, electric strike locks may work better. Ultimately, your choice of commercial door locks depends on your tastes and security needs. This is when the expertise of a commercial locksmith may help you decide.

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