Do I need deadbolts on my doors?
Simply put, yes. There are many reasons for deadbolts. Obviously the main reason is security. A would be burglar may decide that a door with a deadbolt is more of a challenge than a door with out and may continue past your home. Deadbolts also provide a psychological bearer as well. A person may think twice about attempting a break in.
How often should I lubricate my automotive locks
Every three months. In winter more frequently and immediately after a car wash.
How often should I lubricate my house locks?
Every three months.
How often should I lubricate my business locks?
Every three months. During the winter time especially if the area is salted every month.
How do I lubricate my locks?
First remember that there are many lubricants on the market. There are non petroleum synthetic lubricants like: Super Lube, Tri Flow, Lok Shot. Silicone is also a dry type of lubricant. Petroleum based lubricants are also very effective for specific applications. Some of these lubricants are: WD-40 and PB Blaster. Using any of these lubricants in your locks by spraying directly into the key hole will greatly improve the function of the lock. Please remember that petroleum based lubricants are good for most locks, but avoid using in your automotive ignition, use non-petroleum based lubricants for automotive ignitions. Also use all lubricants sparingly. Use caution when putting your key away after use because your key may retain some of the lubricant. Graphite can be used in all locks, though it is one of the most difficult and messy to apply lubricants and may turn to a paste if moisture or other lubricants are introduced.

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) and keys?
The VIN of all motorized vehicles identify many aspects of it as well as the “key code”. A code designated to that particular vehicle for the purpose of recreating (originating) a working key.  General Motors vehicles are the most difficult for Locksmiths to get key codes for. Other manufacturers are more readily available.
How do I get my key code?
Most Locksmith can obtain your key code. Remember you must show proof of ownership and be present when keys are made for your vehicle. If the Locksmith cant get your key code, you can go to a dealership. You do not have to go to the one that sold the vehicle.  For example if it is a Chrysler product, any dealership that sells Chrysler products (Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, etc). You must have your identification and proof of ownership with you. Make sure that you get all of the necessary information pertaining to your key…..IE  Key code, Pin Code (if applicable), V.A.T.S resistance (if applicable).
How do I choose a Locksmith?
First and utmost ask a friend, relative, etc who they used. If none available make at least 3 calls. Just because they have a nice ad or web page does not mean they are good, reputable, honest or reasonably priced. Many scam Locksmiths are out there. When you call, if you get an operator who states “X amount of dollars, usually $15-$29, for the technician to come to you and he will tell you the total when he gets there. HANG UP! If you don’t get at least a minimum and a maximum be on guard. Most Locksmiths answer their own telephones though some have others. Ask questions like, Where are you located? Who is coming out? Marked work vehicle? Uniformed technicians? Yes, having insurance and being bonded is good though does not equate to good. NO LOCKSMITH IS LICENSED IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN! DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO A SCAM LOCKSMITH!



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