One thing you can be sure of here in Michigan, is that winter does a number on our locks and hardware.  As the roads begin to freeze up, the road commission utilized a combination of salt, and liquid calcium chloride, among other things, to keep the ice off the roads.  As we drive, these things are thrown into the air by our tires and come to rest wherever they land. In most cases this isn’t an issue,  but when it comes to our locks, they are basically sponges for the stuff. Once inside your lock, it will begin to [&hellip

When we think of home security we think a door knob and deadbolt. While home some may take other stances when it comes to protecting their home and family. While away we rely on the above two items to secure our home. I suggest calling your local police department and ask, how many burglaries occurred this year and the time they occurred. Why? Because then you will see what seems to be the trend in your area. I always use the analogy, the weakest link in a chain. Why? You may spend a large amount of money on fortifying your [&hellip

      Good morning. I can say that today, for I’m not feeling feverish, nauseated, achy and weak. I had a 24 or 48 hour illness. Why do you care about my illness?  Ill explain later. As a small business owner I rely on every penny I earn. I need all of the service calls that come in. I have regular clients who rely on me. Why worry about regular clients? They make up the body and framework that keep our businesses alive. They are our “bread and butter”. Without the consistent support of our regular clients we would [&hellip

When hiring a company to provide you with a service, it can often be helpful to ask if they offer any discounts or have any coupons available for use. For instance, our company provides coupons on our web page, and we often suggest that people go online and get them. Discounted prices are not always what they appear to be however. If someone is offering a discounted trip charge, say half the price of the competition, keep in mind they do make that money back. They will either trick you into unnecessary services, or raise the prices of their services [&hellip

  Whenever you see things like “lowest price allowed” or “15$ lockouts” it is important to remember that they make somewhere. If they are losing money on the service fee, they are most certainly raising the cost of their other fees to make up the difference. The lowest cost, is rarely the lowest cost in reality and often times leads to a much higher than average cost. If someone cannot tell you an exact price, or at least a maximum price over the phone, they are most likely trying to keep their pricing open, to be exploited at a later [&hellip


Seems like everyday we notice a new scam in the area. Be cautious of the locksmith you hire, do your research and check some references. Locksmith scams are everywhere lately, and they are very hard to regulate.  Just this morning, after a quick google search, we found 3 new companies advertising under false and stolen information. One location was advertising using a local fast food chains address and the other 2 were both using the local malls. They work hard to keep their websites flashy and professional without actually listing their employees or pricing. If the company is at all [&hellip

Sometimes, hard work is the right way to go. The easiest or cheapest solution isn’t always the best idea, and often times will cost you even more in the long run, because youll either have to replace something more often because it wears out faster, or you will pay a locksmith for multiple visits

       Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go your way? A morning where your rushing around to get ready for work because you’ve woken up late, or had some other issue that is keeping you off schedule? It is mornings like those that you step outside to head out to work, close the door behind you, only to realize you’ve left your keys on your kitchen table, and are now locked out of your home.         There are many ways you can prepare and prevent these sorts of occurrences from happening. Weather it is hiding a spare key under [&hellip

When it comes to emergency service, your going to have to pay a higher price, and there is a very good reason. During normal business hours, if you want a technician out “right away”, you should understand that to make this happen, he has to put his other clients on hold, drop what he is doing, and hit the road to get to you. It is a major inconvenience for most service providers, often times losing the business of the customers he or she put on hold to get to you. In our profession, Emergency calls are generally people locked [&hellip